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Ages 5+

This group of dancers are our younger dancers. Although the structure for this group is centered around fun, imagination, creative movement and use of props, they're still held accountable for remembering choreography and understanding dance concepts and terminology. Children must be potty trained to be apart of this group.


Every Saturday- 10am-11:30pm

Additional Wednesday & Sunday Rehearsals: Time varies


Ages 10+

This group of dancers are expected to learn our modern, ballet , jazz and etc warm ups. Use proper dance terminology. This group is introduced to a beginner's level of technique and choreography.


Every Saturday-11:30pm-1:30pm

Additional Wednesday & Sunday Rehearsals: Time varies


This group of dancers are placed in this section per the Directors only. This group of dancers can handle an intermediate to advanced level of choreography.This group's concentration is just like the other levels, but the expectation of technique, vocabulary and emotion should be executed at a more mature level.

Every Saturday-1:30pm-3:30pm

Additional Sunday Rehearsals: Time varies

Competition Team

Ages 8+

In order to be apart of this team, you have to audition and have at least 2 years of formal dance training! These dancers are selected by the Directors only! This team participates in dance competitions and various performance events.


FIRE (Faith filled Intercessory Revival Experience)

Ages 18+

This group is for adults only. No experience is required. The focus of this group is learning, dance terminology, body alignment and choreography.


Every 1st Monday 5:30-7:00pm

Our Mission

Feet Of Faith Dance Company is fully dedicated to providing dancers of all ages an encouraging environment where they are given the opportunity to grow and excel in their gift of dance. We strive to deliver the highest quality of dance training, while nurturing each dancer's unique and creative talent. We encourage every dancer to achieve and embrace their fullest potential- to support them as they grow artistically and spiritually. Feet Of Faith Dance Company is passionate about maintaining the art of dance within the community. We offer low and affordable rates for dance classes/membership fees and in needed cases at no cost.



Feet Of Faith Dance Company is a great opportunity for childre​n, teens and adults who exhibit a natural talent, gift and drive to train in dance! No experience necessary! The styles of dance that we offer are Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, African, Acro, Hip-Hop, Praise and Lyrical. Our rehearsals are every Saturday from 10am-3:30pm. Additional classes on Wednesday evenings & Sunday afternoons upon the Directors discretion . All classes will focus on flexibility, coordination, rhythm, balance, self-expression, confidence, terminology, core & muscle strengthening, musicality, and memory.


Our monthly tuition fee is $100 per dancer. There will be a $20 late fee applied to any tuition payments received after the due date (1st Wed. of every month). There is a $10 late fee applied when a dancer is picked up after the 5 minute grace period. Costume fees include 2 costumes per dancer. Each dancer is required to sell a mandated amount of tickets for both our annual August Concert & December Winter Dance Showcase!


*Every Dancer is required to wear a mask to class.*

Females: Black Leotard, Black Tights or Flesh tone Tights

Males: All Black. Black top, Black Bottoms


We teach more than dance! We teach dance from the inside out! Confidence and Humility! Skill and Character are equally important! It is our goal for our students to learn dance skills and valuable lessons that prepares them for life! Your technique may get you the job/audition, but arrogance and habitual lateness will get you fired! Dance provides more than just opportunities to perform on stage. It increases confidence, focus, concentration, listening skills and memory skills. It also aids in developing discipline, self motivation, commitment, responsibility, accountability, team work and so much more!

We invite you to share in our passion for dance and our desire to share our passion through anointed artistry. We are fortunate and blessed to dance in major parades, special events and professional staged performances. As well as conducting our own annual dance concerts, Winter Showcases and community projects.

Our goal is to prepare the dancer in body and spirit to glorify GOD through artistic excellence. We of Feet Of Faith Dance Company are the heirs of Jesus and will display his grace, mercy, revelation, greater works and anointing through the movement of dance. We don't dance to impress. We dance to express our love for GOD and to leave an impression of GOD's goodness and love upon our audience with the motive of winning lost souls to Christ, redemption and transforming minds, emotions and lives every time that we minister. It's in Jesus name that we pray, praise worship, live, dance and have our being.   


This dynamic mother and daughter duo passion for dance is contagious.

"Dance It Out" 

A Word From Our Founder & Director!

- Debbie Allen

"But out of limitations comes creativity"

Feet Of Faith Dance Company is a modern contemporary Christian Faith based dance company. Our dancers are trained in more than just liturgical style of dance. Feet Of Faith Dace Company embraces all genres of dance. This company was developed with the idea of presenting new, innovative, fresh, unpredictable artistic vision through our performances, collaborations and community projects. With each dance creation diving deeper into the hearts of our audiences. Our movement language speaks to one's soul and life's experiences. Never compromising our faith in Jesus Christ! Feet Of Faith Dance Company is a unique set of dancers. We echo and reflect the cries, laughter, tension, pain, joy, faith, worry and doubt of the human spirit upon the stage. Our dancers are challenged by dancing "outside of the box", fear isn't an option. Full abandonment of "I can't" and self brings our works to life. I am both humbled and excited to present to the universe raw beauty, addictive visual sound, art and fierce faith. Feet Of Faith Dance Company. 


Feet Of Faith Dance Company is a non-profit organization. We rely on the support of donors and sponsors. Monthly membership/ class fees and ticket sales to our performances do not cover all of the expenses associated with productions, travel and training. One of the most essential parts of Feet Of Faith's vision is to make dance accessible to the community through education and performances.

You can support Feet Of Faith Dance Company in a variety of ways. Contributions make a significant impact on our ability to offer low membership fees, contract guest dance teachers, and create productions for the dancers to perform in. Contributions can be made via paypal on the Contact page. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated, and we can't thank you enough for your consideration.

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